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Welcome traveler!
Nice to meet you! I am Darcy.
First of all thank you for reading my profile! Not many people take te time for that, but I very much appreciate that you do!
In the following I will not list the things I do and do not like, no, that would make it to easy for you and you wouldn't get to know me at all. I'd rather just speak my mind and tell you a few things about me and you may figure out yourself what kind of person I am, and what kinds of things I like.
Asking a question about it is a good conversations starter btw. please feel free to do so, because I hate nothing more than smalltalk and messages that start with "Hey how are you, whats up?". It has nothing to do with being narrow minded and not appreciating ploliteniess, I do. I just have other reasons for not liking smalltalk. You may ask about it if you want. =)
Also I do NOT like non serious flirting NOR sending around pictures of certain body parts... If I wanna se a mans "Joy stick" I'd be on a different site, thank you ver much.
I'm a bit old schooled and just a hopeless romantic.

So now that this is out of the room here is a bit more about me. I am very much of a nerd. I have a Master's degree in Biotechnology and work as a molecular biologist (yes that means I know how the different vaccines work and I will not halt from explaining it in dertail if necessary) and my job is my passion, I really enjoy what I am doing for a living! Because of that passion I am also a little bit of a witch and certainly have a green thumb. Beware I know a lot of poisonous things :D:D:D

Aside from that I am a very creative person, I love to do all kind of things that involve crafting things with my own two hands. I like to say that my paintbrushes are magic wands ;)
I also love music and play different kinds of instruments. But I am not living in the last century I also do my fair share of video gaming and am a huge nerd in that field too.

Hmm what else is there to say about me...
I am actually pretty shy in real life but the mask of anonymity the internet provides makes me less shy online so I may appear a little differently in conversation online. I think my shy side is also pretty much reflected in my interests. I don't really like festivals and huge concerts because its noisy and a lot of strangers are there. I am no party person and certainly not a "social butterfly". To most I appear cold and uninterested at first because I prefer to silently observe first before approaching. Also I hate introducing myself to others in real life. I prefer to be introduced or not having to make the first step. I jsut hate approaching people. I'm one of those bubble people that are happy inside their bubble and hate to leave their bubble alone. :D

Now that was already a lot for the start. I guess you may know now what kind of person I am and hopefully you have an idea what to talk about if you want to chat with me. =)

If not just ask my what my favourite enzyme is! You won't be hit with silence...
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