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I'm a software engineer, live on a beautiful lake, and enjoy having friends over for a cookout and drinks. I've been spending a lot of time lately gearing up for summer, working out in the yard, and am looking forward to enjoying it as much as possible. Here's hoping that work doesn't drag me away from that too much!

I enjoy cooking, especially when making something for someone else. And I love going out to eat. My favorite foods change from time to time, but I am almost always up for Indian, Italian, Thai, and Mexican.

Going to concerts is a favorite pastime, and I've totally lost count of the shows I've been to. Everything from industrial, punk, metal, goth, reggae, jam bands...heck, even some country.

Some of the most difficult decisions are what to watch when I choose to watch a movie.

I'm rather involved in #NHPolitics.
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