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Recently, I received my B.A. in Creative Writing/English at Southern New Hampshire University, as an online student. I aim to study for a few more certificates for learning and experience, plus achieve a couple of diplomas, one being journalism and the other is undecided. In the future, about a year or so, I want to enroll back to receive a B.S. in Audio Production.
I am a generalized or versatile writer, an artist or illustrator, and I'm soon going to get into podcasting and audio production in other areas of music.
I have also been an occult practitioner, and my gifts stem from empathy to visionary. I'm a tarot reader for over thirty years, and I've had experience with an Ouija board.
I love horror, thriller, suspense, and mystery movies. I read Dan Brown, Stephen King, nonfiction, Aleister Crowley, Frederick Nietzsche, Buddha, Anton LaVey, and other stuff.
I like heavy metal to hiphop music. Not a country fan, and I cannot get into it how much I try. I'm limited to some country, but not many. I have my reasons.
Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.
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